How to Make Your Email More Professional By Adding a Picture To Your Yahoo Mail Signature

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add a logo or signature image to an email in Yahoo

It is important to have a signature in Yahoo. However, it is more valuable if you add a logo or signature image to an email in Yahoo because an eye-catching signature helps you get a good impact with your contacts. It can also help them to memorize your contact information.

Most often, the signature is just words, but adding a picture with your logo makes it a more professional look. In brief, every email you send will stand out and be linked with your company. 

 In this blog, we’ll catch a closer look at how to add a logo or signature image to an email in Yahoo on popular email services Yahoo.

Steps to add a logo or signature image to an email in Yahoo

  1. Open Yahoo Mail as you usually do.
  2. Click on Settings (located on the upper right side of the page).
  3. This will make a drop-down menu, click on More Settings.
  4. Go to the writing email tab.
  5. Click the Toggle button to enable a signature, if it is not already enabled. 
  6. Here you will view the box, where you can add a text or an image for your signature.
  7. The next move is to copy the image you want to use in your signature. You may do that by opening a file using any web browsers. And later, right-click on the picture, and choose Copy image.
  8. Once you add a signature image in Yahoo, then you don’t need to press any save button, it will be automatically saved.

If you have an image on your system that you want to use in your signature, then first you require uploading it to an online website to make it accessible through your browser. 

You can upload the image on a website like Flickr, 500px, etc. then copy an image by right-clicking in a browser, then paste it into the signature box.

Why Email Signatures Are Important:

  • An email signature displays professionalism
  • Easily Recognition of Brand
  • Digital Business Card
  • Legal Disclaimers
  • Quick Links of important information


We hope now you can yourself add a logo or signature image to an email as the signature at the bottom of your email makes it look professional and gives the customers a perception that they are buying with an approved company. 

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