Antivirus Blocking Incoming Email? Here Is How To Fix

Yahoo mails getting blocked by antivirus

Many times Yahoo users face an issue in which that antivirus that they are using blocks emails. The user is unable to send or receive emails from their main account. Antivirus while scanning threats block users emails due to security reasons and the issues remain unsolved, i.e. Yahoo mails getting blocked by antivirus. 

Although, this issue can be easily fixed by modifying the antivirus settings and adding a new setting to the antivirus. There is various antivirus software available in the market that is mostly used by a large number of people. So here we will tell you how you can solve this antivirus blocking emails issue for various popular antivirus software’s.

Steps to fix Yahoo Mails Getting Blocked by Antivirus


  • Open Norton antivirus software.
  • Now click on the options button.
  • You will see an email link, access it
  • You can now disable the email scanning by unchecking the scan option for incoming and outgoing.
  • Now save your changes and your issue will be solved.


  • Open Kaspersky app and click on settings on the top right corner.
  • Click on protection from various options and under it go to mail antivirus.
  • Now click on the settings and button form the main menu.
  • Go to additional tab and select how Kaspersky will scan your incoming and outgoing emails according to your preference.
  • Finally, click on save, and you are done with the issue.

AVG Antivirus

  • Go to AVG antivirus and open app.
  • Now go to the menu in the top right corner.
  • Click on settings and then go-to components.
  • Go to firewall feature and click on customize.
  • Now in network profile change the network if it’s public to private or private to public.
  • Now save the settings and enjoy access to your emails.


  • Open avast and go to settings and access components.
  • Go to mail shield entry and click customize.
  • Now customize the settings according to your needs.
  • You can also disable shield or its parts like SSL and sensitivity.
  • This will make your receive the emails that were getting blocked by antivirus.


Most likely, you will be able to solve the issue by following the above-given instructions. If you are using any other antivirus software, then there is no need to get tensed, you can follow the same instructions because most of the steps remain similar. So if you still find it difficult to go through the issue, then contact Yahoo through a toll-free number.

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