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change the Yahoo language settings

You enter your Yahoo mail account and if it appears in another language, then don’t worry because Yahoo supports more than 80 languages to select as alternatives.

If the default settings are chosen by region, users can switch the language that arrives on their screen; In this post, you will discover how to change the Yahoo language settings in just a few actions.

How to change the language settings in Yahoo?

Here we teach how to set Yahoo language preference, as it is much more convenient to use it in your mother tongue. 

  • You must open your Yahoo account.
  • Click on the “Account info” option. (You can see this option in the upper right corner under the profile photo of your account).
  • Once you click on Account info, Yahoo will ask you to enter your password again to access the data.
  • Now in the Personal Info window, click on Preferences.
  • In the Preferences window, pick your preferred language from the drop-down menu, which you want to use for your Yahoo Mail interface.
  • Close the tab and get back to your inbox.

Can I Change the Yahoo language via mobile app?

 There was previously the option in the Yahoo Account menu that would permit you to switch the language used in your account’s mailbox. 

However, this option is removed now, and the language which you set at the beginning of creating an account would be the permanent language for the account.

Remember a few points

  • It would be best if you choose the language which you easily recognize.
  • Remember that changing the Yahoo mail language will not change or translate the original language style of the emails in your inbox.
  • You can change your favorite location or region as well, the same as your language.


You can now check the Yahoo language – If the language still has not changed, try restarting the system again. You can also try clearing cache, although this is normally not required.

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