How to Delete All Yahoo Emails At Once 2020 | Trash all the unwanted emails in Yahoo

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Clean The Yahoo Mailbox

Yahoo mail users that have been using Yahoo mail from a very long time would have a vast mail inbox. In which most of the mails would have been trash or unwanted. Having such a loaded mailbox, a question that stands in every user’s mind would be how to clean the Yahoo mailbox.

 Manually deleting all the mails is almost an impossible task, as it will be a time-consuming process. Yahoo mail gives you an option to select all the mails and delete them in a single click.

You can also unselect the mails that you don’t want to miss from your inbox. So in just a few steps, you will be able to clean your mailbox. Follow the below-given steps:-

Quick Steps to Clean Yahoo mailbox

  • Log into your Yahoo mail account.
  • Select the checkbox under the delete button. All the e-mails will be selected; you can unselect the box in front of the mail that you don’t want to delete.
  • Click on the delete button. Yahoo mail will take several minutes to complete the task.
  • Finally, your Yahoo mailbox will be clean now.

How to avoid unnecessary Emails?

  1. Avoid access through Yahoo to third party apps.
  2. Often use an email cleaning tool.

Avoid access through Yahoo to third party apps

While using any third-party application, avoid giving access through Yahoo mail because these applications send unnecessary emails that are complete trash. These emails do nothing rather than filling up your mailbox.

 Frequently use an email cleaning tool

One of the best ways to make your mailbox clean is to use an email cleaning tool. There are many email cleaning tools available that will charge you monthly, or some might be free. They clean your mailbox according to your preference. Try using these tools to maintain a clean Yahoo mailbox.


So these were the few simple steps that will help you in cleaning your Yahoo mailbox. All you need to do is follow the above-given steps, but you can also seek help from Yahoo customer service number if you still find it difficult. Their skilled technicians are 24/7 ready to serve you.

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