Have You Suddenly Lost The Ability To Send Yahoo Mail? | Fix “Yahoo error 554” Messages Not Allowed

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Yahoo Error 554

Yahoo Error 554 is an error that happens when the user tries to send an email to the recipient. You can view this failure when some Yahoo emails may not be delivered to the recipient. 

The reasons can be various for “Yahoo mail delivery failure, but there are two main reasons. The primary reason is that your outgoing mail server does not permit sending emails without user authentication and another reason is that your email address listed in spam lists.

However, under all circumstances, you will get an email showing that the mail could not be delivered.

Why Face Yahoo error 554?: 5 Reasons to Remember

  • An inaccurate recipient email address.
  • The issue with the recipient’s mail server.
  • Non- existent email address.
  • The receiver mailbox is full.
  • The email includes any illegal or dead content.

Different Formats of this error

Delivery Error: dd This user doesn’t have a yahoo.com account 

Yahoo delivery Error: dd requested mail action aborted

554 message rejected for policy reasons

Yahoo SMTP Error 554

554 rejection due to spam content

Error: 554 Message not allowed 

How to fix Yahoo Delivery Error 554?

Now, we have a general view of Yahoo 554 SMTP errors.

Let’s now see how we can fix this issue, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Once again verify the receiver email address before you send an email. 
  • Ask for a different email address from your recipient as their maybe the obstacles at the recipient mail server.
  • The receiver server sometimes uses filters that use strict rules for monitoring the incoming messages. So if your message body includes spam words, the recipient filter will analyze it as unusual and blocks the connection.
  • Verify from the email recipient that their account still exists.
  • You can also try to send the email from the different email providers, like AOL or Roadrunner, to test and confirm the presence of the recipient mailbox.


In summary, ‘554 deliver error in Yahoo can happen due to several reasons and can be easily fixed. Still, in case you face any issue then you can contact Yahoo server support experts to fix this issue.

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