Quick Fixes For Yahoo Not Sending Verification Code To My Email Issue

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Yahoo Verification Code is Not Working

Many people prefer Yahoo Mail, as it provides various features like cloud storage, multiple layouts, etc. Apart from these features, Yahoo also emphasizes security measures, but sometimes a user faces issues while receiving Yahoo verification code.

Suppose you are one of them who added a phone number or email to receive the security code and have been waiting for a long time, but the security code has not still arrived in your inbox. In that case, you can follow our simple steps to fix your Yahoo verification code not working issue.

How To Solve the Yahoo Verification Code Not Working Issue?

Here we will tell you the basic steps to prevent the issue while receiving the Yahoo verification code.

Update your old contact info

 Many Yahoo users change their phone numbers or email address due to various reasons and forget to update it in your Yahoo account. Due to which users will be unable to get the verification code as you have not updated your number or email address. Make sure that you update your correct information in your account, which will eliminate the issue.

Check verification link time

You must make sure that you go through the link or the code within 1 minute after it is received because, after one minute, the link or the verification code gets expired. If you will use an expired link or code, then it will not work and will show you the message link is expired or the code you’ve entered is expired.

Check your spam folder

 Alternative email also plays a crucial role in Yahoo as you can recover your Yahoo account through your alternative email by getting reset code. Some of you face the issue of not receiving verification code through email, so you must check your spam folder because most of the time, some emails go into the spam folder. Also, make sure that your email address has not been blocked by your internet service provider (ISP).


This is how you can solve the issue while receiving the Yahoo verification code by following the above-given steps one by one and you will be able to receive your verification code in a go. Although you cannot get over the issue, you can look for Yahoo customer support 24/7 as their skilled technicians will assist you in every situation.

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