How You Can Transfer Your Contacts From Yahoo To Your Android Device

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sync Yahoo contacts to Android Device

Do you have a question about how to sync Yahoo contacts to Android Device? Well, many Yahoo users have the same question, as people often save their important information on their Yahoo account. In which contacts are the most important ones.
You can move all your Yahoo contact List to your android or ios phone address book, just by installing the Yahoo Mail app on your android device. So follow the steps given below to solve the issue of syncing Yahoo contacts to an android device.

Steps to sync Yahoo contacts to android device

  • Login in to your Yahoo account using your device.
  • Go to the settings of your phone.
  • Click on accounts.
  • Select your Yahoo mail account.
  • Here you have to select on the option which says sync Yahoo contacts.
  • Similarly, you can deselect the option if you want to turn off your syncing contacts.

What to do if you face any issues

Many of you will face problems while transferring contacts from Yahoo to android. However, the solution is the same for all common syncing problems. So don’t be frustrated if you are unable to sync your contacts. Just follow the steps given below.

Update Yahoo app

Updating the Yahoo app will help you in solving the issue because all the glitches and the bugs will be automatically fixed after the update. This will allow you to process the app without any issue.

Reboot device

 Rebooting the device is the basic solution for such kind of issues. It closes all the running processes in the background and gives a new start to the device. Misbehaving apps behave properly after rebooting.

Check Yahoo servers

Sometimes Yahoo servers might be down due to some unexpected circumstances and due to which the error arises. You can check the server status by going to the down detector.

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