Why Activating Two-Step Verification In Yahoo Is So Important? And How To Do It:-

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Yahoo two-step verification

Today we will explain how to enable Yahoo two-step verification from the Yahoo account security settings.

In the time of COVID 19, there are more online applications and services are used. Where you use a similar password for various accounts, the risks of a cyber attack have been increased.

That’s why activating Yahoo 2 factor authentication is the primary precautionary action that must be used into your Yahoo account to avoid being the victim of a hack.

What is Yahoo’s two-step verification? (2FA

Yahoo Two-step verification (2FA) is an additional action that is used when logging into an account. It adds a layer of protection in your Yahoo account, making it more complicated for someone to access without permission.

How does it work?

Usually, when you log into your Yahoo account, you will use your password and login to your account.

However, if your Yahoo 2FA is activated then you have to enter the verification code also, after your password.

A code is sent to us in an SMS message, but it can also come through a call depends on your preference.

How to Activate it?

Follow the below steps to protect your Yahoo account by adding a second level of protection requests for your password and your verification key. 

  • In the upper right section, click on your name.
  • Select Account Info.
  • Visit the ‘Account Security‘ section – you may require to re-enter your password.
  • Review the Two-Step Verification box.
  • Now enter your phone number. Next, choose either Send SMS or Call me to get an authentication code.

Note: – You can also create app passwords for apps that don’t use two-step authentication. Or you can skip this process.

How to Deactivate it?

  •  Visit Account info.
  • Click on Account Security.
  • Give the credentials again if required.
  • Disable the “Two-Step Verification” button.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Yahoo 2 Step Verification


  • It will prevent someone from entering our account without permission.
  • It is simple to configure.


  • Slows down the account login process.
  • Can’t log in to Yahoo without Phone.


Yahoo 2 step verification is essential if you use Yahoo account as a primary email or if your bank details are attached to your account.

Keep your account safe and must remember that Yahoo representative will never ask for your password!

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