Get a track of all the unusual activities in your Yahoo account!

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unusual activity in yahoo

Yahoo mail provides various security options by which you can secure your Yahoo mail account and keep a look at suspicious activities that might be harmful to you as you all know that hacking and cybercrimes are increasing day by day. But how to find unusual activity in Yahoo remains a question of concern.

You should keep a look at recent login information and sudden changes in your account that can harm you by tampering your data and essential information. So here is a guide that will assist you in monitoring the unauthorized activities.

Steps to find unusual activity in yahoo mail?

For browser

  • Log in into your “Yahoo account“.
  • Click on your “image” to see more options.
  • Go to “account info” form the drop-down menu.
  • Now tap on “recent activity“.
  • Examine, if you find any unusual activity under recent activity.
  • Make the changes accordingly if you find any unauthorized activity.

For mobile application

  • Click on “three lines” in your Yahoo application for the menu.
  • In Yahoo’s official app, click on “manage account“.
  • Go to “account information”.
  • Now click on “recent activities“.
  • Look for suspicious activities or any changes that have been done.
  • Make the changes that you need if you find any malicious activity.

So if you find any unauthorized alteration in your account, you will see two options log out or remove. Take the necessary step according to the issue and then change your password. This will make your account secure and impenetrable.


If you find any suspicious activity on your Yahoo account, follow the above-given procedure and eliminate the unwanted and unauthorized changes in your account. For any further query comment us below or contact Yahoo here.

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