Fixes for Unable To Pass CAPTCHA Verification In Yahoo Mail

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Yahoo captcha verification issue

Yahoo mail very much focuses on the user’s security and therefore provides various features to avoid any malicious activity to happen with the account. One of the security measures is to enter captcha for verification, but sometimes the user faces Yahoo captcha verification issue.

Captcha is a security protocol that avoids spammers and automated bots to access anyone’s mail for improper use. You need to answer for the questions asked, from several images you have to select some specific images, or you might have to enter the mixed numbers or alphabets correctly.

Once you clear one of the above-given tasks correctly you can proceed further to perform the work that you want to do. But sometimes captcha doesn’t work properly and denies access to the user which is the most frustrating thing to be experienced.

Four Possible Steps Can Help You To Fix Yahoo captcha verification issue:-

Enable java:- You must ensure that java in your browser is being enabled and updated to the latest version. Java not working properly may lead to not load the page and will not register your captcha verification.

Browser working:- Make sure that you use a proper working browser that will display captcha images. As most of the time, these issues arise where captcha does not display an image set from which the user has to select some specific images.

Supported browser:- Always try to use a supported browser that Yahoo supports and performs well on it. Improper configuration of the browser may also lead to improper functioning of captcha.

Turn off plug-in:- The browser you are using should not have any plug-in or ad blocker, these plug-in may create hurdles in loading the page properly. Avoid using this additional plug-in to work without any hindrance.


All the above steps are the possible reasons for the Yahoo captcha verification issue. Follow these steps and avoid the stated above things that can lead you to this issue. If you are still unable to solve this issue then you can contact Yahoo customer service and avail the best technical assistance for the same. 




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