Yahoo Error code 2 -Why its occur? How to Fix it?

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Yahoo Temporary Error 2

Temporary errors in Yahoo are pretty common and considered to be the most annoying issue in Yahoo Mail. There are different reasons for different Yahoo temporary errors. However, all the transient errors create a barrier to your regular work. Well, today we will talk about one such annoying error code is Yahoo Temporary Error 2.


Although Temporary Error 2 in Yahoo usually repairs itself within several hours, however, if the dilemma continues even after waiting for several hours, one can fix the error by executing some changes to their Yahoo account. 

If you are viewing Yahoo Temporary Error 2 (which can also arrive as “MailboxOpenFailed,” in your Yahoo Mail account), Then follow the below instructions to fix this issue.

Repair Yahoo Temporary Error 2 on Your System

Sign out your Yahoo account from all devices

Sign out of Yahoo Mail account and Remember that you need to sign out of Yahoo Mail from all computers and mobile devices from which you are currently logged in.

Verify your browser compatibility with Yahoo account

For the best experience and the least chance of missing your work, you should always use a compatible web browser. Compatible browser not only prevents you from temporary errors but also enhances the overall functionality of the Yahoo mail.

Clear your Web browser cache & history

Once you checked that you are using a compatible web browser, then the collection of cache & history might be the cause behind the Yahoo Temporary Error 2.

Restart your web browser

Restart Browser permits you to reset the browser status. So close the web browser for some time, and restart it and open your web browser once again.


Hopefully, the error code will be fixed once you implement these steps. If it is still hindering your work, you always have an opportunity to connect with the Yahoo technical experts and tell your problem to them. These specialists are present round the clock to fix any of the difficulties you have been suffering.

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