Does Yahoo keep signing you out? Steps To Solve The Issue

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Yahoo keeps signing me out

Yahoo will keep you logged out repeatedly even when you have selected the setting to keep me logged in. Most Yahoo users face this issue, and by which users get irritated because whenever your refreshes Yahoo mail, it makes you log out, and the user’s questions themselves why Yahoo keeps signing me out.

This is due to the browser not saving cookies. If the browser does not save your login cookie, Yahoo might think that you are coming 2nd time to Yahoo, and due to this reason, it makes you enter your credentials again and again.

These cookies play an important role in solving this issue, although if you are using a different browser or device to log in to your Yahoo account, then the cookies will not work because they get saved in the system through which you have previously logged in.  

So today, we will tell you about how you can fix this issue by some basic follow-ups.

How to solve Yahoo keeps me signing out

Always select stay sign in while login into Yahoo:-

Most Yahoo users don’t select the option to keep me logged in on the login page where you enter your email address and password. Due to which Yahoo keeps logging you out, and the user suffers their work and time. The thing that you also have to keep in mind is not to click on sign out button. If you do so, then you will have to enter your email and password again.

Deleting cookies can remove your login access:-

When the cookies are deleted, Yahoo makes you keep signing out because it does not store the Yahoo login information. So make sure that you don’t delete the cookies yourself manually or by mistake. Sometimes antivirus also automatically deletes cookies, which might also cause this signing out the issue. 

Do not use private browsing:-

Make sure that while using Yahoo, you never use a private tab feature of the browser. In the private tab, your history and cookies are not stored through which your login info is also not stored by the browser. So avoid using a private web browser while using Yahoo mail.


If you are still unable to solve the issue, you might need to consult with a Yahoo technician who will help you solve the issue in no time.

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