PDF Not Opening in Yahoo Mail? Here’s How To Fix It

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Yahoo PDF Attachment Issue

Yahoo mail is a platform that provides services like sending and receiving emails that are well utilized by each and every user, but other than this Yahoo also allow their users to attach any file whether being an image, text, audio, or video in their message and send to their contacts. Yet sometimes users face some issues while attaching a PDF file in Yahoo.

Yahoo is being used for official work by most of its clients and pdf attachment error makes them suffer their important work. People get pissed off when these types of errors occur between their works. So today we will tell you how to solve the All PDF attachment issue in Yahoo mail.

Troubleshooting Points to Eliminate the Yahoo PDF Attachment Issue

Use Updated Browser     

Yahoo user has to use an updated web browser for using Yahoo mail to avoid such temporary errors because the latest updates in the browsers also update various related files like java and flash.

Install ADOBE Reader

 You must install the adobe reader program file if your system. This will eventually eliminate the issue and you will be able to attach pdf files.

Pause Antivirus 

Disable the antivirus and the firewall options of your system while attaching the PDF files in Yahoo, as they can interrupt the files while uploading or getting attached.

Disable plug-ins

Any additional files or any plug-in must be disabled while attaching the PDF file in Yahoo. They create barriers in the way of the attaching process by which your work suffers.

Reboot System

Simply reboot your system. This will eliminate all the unwanted processes that can be the reason for the issue.


All these above-given steps are basic steps to solve the Yahoo uploading or downloading PDF attachment issue. All you need to do is follow the steps to use Yahoo mail without any obstacle.

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