How To Get Off With Yahoo SMTP Error 421 | Fixes For Sending Email Issues

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Yahoo temporary error 421

Email plays a very significant role in everyone’s life as it is the most convenient and free way to communicate with anyone. Emails are one of the easiest ways to interact with someone without any chaos and interruption. However, many times you will face issues that annoy and create obstacles between your essential works. One of which is Yahoo SMTP temporary error 421.

SMTP (simple mail transfer protocol) is a method in which emails are sent using IP addresses from one device to another. But sometimes this SMTP network shuts down due to various reasons, and in this situation, the user is unable to use email services. The message that displays when SMTP stop is


Reasons For This SMTP Error in Yahoo

  • Error 421 arises when there is huge traffic travelling form a single IP.
  • Providing access to third-party apps through Yahoo.
  • Spamming emails or sending inappropriate links will land you in front of this error.
  • Low internet speed or suspicious IP is another reason.
  • Glitches, bugs, and virus files create hurdles in SMTP working.

Steps To Fix Yahoo Temporary Error 421

  • Remove all the spam messages, suspicious links, and other files from your yahoo account.
  • Use a proper IP address that has a valuable image in Yahoos MTAs.
  • Cancel all the authorization given to the third-party apps.
  • Make sure that you don’t violate Yahoo policy in any manner.
  • Examine your account and check whether your account does not have any unauthorized access that is behind spamming mails. If you find so then most probably your Yahoo account has been hacked.¬†Make sure that you do not send an improper mail as your recipients might block you as a spammer.


So this was the simple way to solve this SMTP error 421 which will allow you to send emails without any hindrance. Although these errors solve itself within a few hours, sometimes you need to talk to technical assistance to get rid of these errors.

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