How to deal with Yahoo SSL Error code 5?

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Yahoo temporary error 5

Yahoo mail users face errors (1 to 999) very commonly while using their accounts. One of these errors is Yahoo temporary error 5, in which you are unable to login to your account due to multiple logins from various devices at the same point of time.

Yahoo describes this situation as a security threat for the user and therefore blocks the account for a limited period.

Although these types of temporary errors are most likely to get resolved within a few minutes or hours. But sometimes we need to fix it quickly, so let’s see how we can deal with this Yahoo error code 5.

Reasons for This SSL Error code 5?

  • Simultaneously using Yahoo account on your mobile device and computer.
  • Using two different browsers for the same Yahoo account.
  • Using unsupported web browsers for Yahoo mail.

So, these are the possible reasons that you face temporary error 5 on your Yahoo account. Using different devices, locations, or browsers at the same time may be considered as an unauthorized or hacking attempt. As a result, Yahoo blocks your account temporarily due to safety reasons.

Steps to fix Yahoo temporary error 5?

Although these temporary errors get fixed itself within a few hours but to fix them on immediate biases you have to follow the steps given below.

  • Always make sure that you use supported and updated web browsers as well as OS to avoid such errors.
  • If you are logged in into various devices at the same time, then immediately log out of the devices to avoid a temporary block of your account.
  • Try clearing your browser’s cache file and then try to login to your account.
  • Try rebooting your device or computer if you want to eliminate the issue related to your web browser.

So these were the basic steps to avoid Yahoo temporary error 5 and to avoid getting your Yahoo account blocked temporarily. If you are unable to access your account then you should call Yahoo customer service for assistance.

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